In this global economy, the competition has no board.  Lowering the cost at higher quality is not an option to every company.  China became the center of manufacturing world-wide serving for most of the leading enterprises:

  • 80% of notebook PCs are manufactured in China
  • 50% of cameras are manufactured in China
  • 30% of Air-conditioners are manufactured in China
  • 30% of TVs are manufactured in China
  • 70% of Cigarette lighters are manufactured in Wenzhou, a city in eastern China
  • ...

The quality of products manufactured in China is also increasing fast these days.  In order to illustrate product quality level and quality developing sustainability of the Chinese manufacturing, AQSIQ and NBS jointly carried out the research on quality competitiveness index (QCI) of manufacturing.



In sourcing the parts/components or manufacturing services in China, advantages and risks exists.  Managing the advantages and risks to the optimal point is the key challenges in doing business with China.


  • Low cost (labor, operational, raw material,...)
  • Wide range of material and services availability
  • Big market potential


  • Product quality management
  • Managing logistics of material flow
  • Qualifying reliable suppliers among huge number of small suppliers across the country
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Communication


ConneXwave's Services

ConneXwave assists clients in managing those advantages and risks for successful outsourcing of the parts and manufacturing services in China.  The services of ConneXwave to assist clients include qualifying suppliers, manufacturing process engineering and logistic management throughout the whole outsourcing processes.

Electronics Manufacturing Services:

  • Molds and plastic parts
  • Opto-electronic parts
  • Power supplies
  • Other key electronics parts
  • PCBs
  • Assembly services

Automotive Parts and Components:

  • Tools and dies
  • Plastic interior and exterior parts
  • Filters (fuel, oil and air)
  • Shock absorbers
  • Transmissions
  • Other mechanical parts and systems