Effective product development is one of the most important capabilities of any enterprises. Serving for many clients in the manufacturing industries, we assist clients in the 4 areas:

  • Building PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems
  • Technology Outsourcing
  • Product Development Process Design
  • FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) Consulting



Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS) is a system that monitors the manufacturing line or product and provide prognostic information to prevent the failure in advance.
It is a set of hardware and software to achieve Zero-downtime of the manufacturing lines or products. The system was developed by IMS Center organized by University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan and University of Missouri-Rolla. The system was tested by many leading enterprises including Toyota, GM, Ford, Intel, Samsung and Bao Steel.

The features of IMS system include:

  • Line and equipment monitoring
  • Diagnose system health and forecast system failure
  • Decision support for preventive maintenance
  • System interface with corporate business IT systems



ConneXwave assists clients in managing those advantages and risks for successful outsourcing of the parts and manufacturing services in China. The services of ConneXwave to assist clients include qualifying suppliers, manufacturing process engineering and logistic management throughout the whole outsourcing processes.

The areas of our services includes:

  • Electronic Manufacturing Services
  • Automotive Parts