What is Intelligent Maintenance System?

Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS) is a system that monitors the manufacturing line or product and provide prognostic information to prevent the failure in advance. It is a set of hardware and software to achieve Zero-downtime of the manufacturing lines or products.  The system was developed by IMS Center organized by University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan and University of Missouri-Rolla.  The system was tested by many leading enterprises including Toyota, GM, Ford, Intel, Samsung and Bao Steel.

The features of IMS system include:

  • Line and equipment monitoring
  • Diagnose system health and forecast system failure
  • Decision support for preventive maintenance
  • System interface with corporate business IT systems


Prognostic Technology

Prognostic technology is a technology how to monitor the system health and forecast the system failure in order to optimize the system and take preventive maintenance actions.  IMS system monitors the system health through the signals collected by sensors installed in the manufacturing line.  The system health is checked using a few key inputs including  historical data, expert knowledge and degradation model together with the signals from the sensors.

Benefits of IMS

The benefits of IMS includes:

  • Reduced manufacturing line (equipments) down-time
  • Reduced maintenance cost by optimized maintenance process and spare parts inventory
  • Increased product quality by tight manufacturing process monitoring


ConneXwave's Services

In alliance with IMS Center, ConneXwave provides services to implement IMS systems in China.  We assist clients to:

  • Assess the manufacturing line improvement opportunity related with IMS
  • Manufacturing line health checking and prognostic modeling
  • Implementing hardware (sensors, data collection and computers) and software, and integration with other business IT systems
  • Maintenance process optimization


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